3rd day in sapporo

i have arrived in japan.  In particular, i have arrived in sapporo, hokkaido, after spending one and half extremely luxurious and wonderful days in tokyo.  i do love tokyo.  details later.
i havent found my own internet yet (thanks to dad who broke my internet access)  and from the computer at school i cannot type in chinese, and i dont want to type in japanese.  also because of that, i am cut off from my own world, and a lot of work need to be done!
it is rain storming now, and hokkaido in rain is incredibly dull!!!! dull!!! and horrible!!!  it is extremely cold and everything is grey! 
it is said that this season should be sunny but the unusual rain ruins every funny thing.
i am so foreigner here; taller, fatter than most of the japanese here, and of course, much more casual in various ways of dressing, walking, talking, living!…  the small size of the school is out of my expecation, only 4-floors, i can see the president of the school sitting in the only office of the whole building, with 10 other teachers.  But teachers here are very nice, and young, probably the same age with me.  For the first time, i know the advantage of aging, you do not behave silly but feel wise anymore, you know who you are and you become more tolerant, tentative to others.  however, some of my classmates, those rude kids, they are really kind of annoying though. 
the comfortable situation of my apartment is also out of my expectation. really small but functions well, including a TV that has Kimura-san’s new drama on, so i am satisfied with that.  i had a long and warm conversation with one of the two managers; although i did not understand most of the conversation she is really nice person.  there is no foreigners in my building now, all the tenants are japanese students who attend schools nearby.  So recently i have been bowing a lot when saying hello to others……japanese rituals…. really exhausting…..usually stuck in the five-minute superfacial polite words…….
i am not in the mood of writing.  No one jogs on the street. 
i figure out one thing; i really dont know japnese and i literally dont speak japanese.  Each time at the cashier of the supermarket becomes my nightmare.  I can totally understand my Dad’s situation when he was in Europe, but I still couldn’t understand how he survives…….
i havent make any japnaes friends and i havent have any special hokkaido food.  Partially because the unbearable weather in sapporo partially because of my own bad mood.  It is the 3rd day in Sapporo.
I still have tons of works and things waiting for me; the books to read, the people to contact, the places to go, the plans to make, and only thinking of that feels exhausted.  hope i can get the access to the internet soon.
PS, floods of news of the earthquake of Sichuan on Japanese TV programs, even donot know the language i can understand the cruel situation of the aftermath of the earthquake.
PPS, I miss Chi and Dad. 

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  1. starcy说道:

    Cheer up, dear:)

  2. 姗姗说道:



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