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昨夜连轴忙出了十几页slides的powerpoint,今天课上给他们讲photograph的故事,又放youtube的小片段,折腾了半天,总算把Religious Art的最后一个section搞定;从early Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam 到 Horyuji, Angkor Wat, Taj Mahal,种种教规,建筑,浮雕,雕塑一一拂过。

我挑了一张Angkor Wat的照片作为开始,1866, By Emile Gsell.  半史实半想像即兴忽悠了一通这些小孩子,回忆记录如下:

In the mid-19th Century, along with the colonization, the French, the cultural center of the Europe, launched large scale of expeditions into the Far East, Africa and Latin America.  Museums and Zoos crazed for the specimens of rare animals and ancient civilizations that they hired expedition teams to search answers.  For example, the panda, the kinda cute and clumsy creature that you see on TV or in zoos nowadays, was then a mysterious imagination by some crazy Chinese.  Not until 1868 they were able to capture, kill and bring back fur of two pandas to display to the European public.  Imagine you are one of them, a group in Laos, Cambodia for almost a year in the middle of jungle, searching for a mysterious site that blossomed and declined in oblivion.  You suffered from the hot, humid weather, short of food and "uncivilized local accompany." You ran out of money, time and patience.  Don’t even mention your dear darling writing letters exclaimed "darling, come home, we need you."  You found nothing but your doubts of the text in your hands, which drove you to the middle of nowhere: "… such an extraordinary construction that  it is not possible to describe it with a pen, particularly since it is like no other building in the world.  It has towers and decoration and all the refinements which the human genius can conceive of."  God damn this Portuguese guy!  Therefore, on a hopeless morning, you set out to the jungle again searching in vain.  It was raining and you were wet and the morning mist made you lost.  You felt you were doomed and began to blame your partner for making such a mistake to go a hell lot of way here.  You swore that you would leave as soon as you got out of these jungle unless some real miracle, you mean, real miracle happened.  At that moment, in the mist of dawn, you made out a gloom outline; it emerged from the middle of nowhere.  It was still raining, but the mist disappeared, and you saw it, the tower, the decoration, the unspeakable refinement.  Surrounded by the serene water, it stood there silently like an unveiled bride.  The guy with a pen, Henri Mouhot, overwhelmed by such a spectacle, could write down nothing but eulogy:" a rival to that of Solomon, and erected by some ancient Michelangelo — might take an honorable place beside our most beautiful buildings.  It is grander than anything left to us by Greece or Rome…"  And the guy with a camera held his breath and recorded this complex in a photograph; the one in front of you, among thousands of images of Angkor Wat, my favorite one.

一口气说出自己的crazy imagination之后才发现,自己太投入了。小孩子们忽闪忽闪眼睛难以置信的盯着我,这家伙为什么对区区一张泛黄的照片如此迷恋,兴奋。居然还突然换上英式口音。
oh i am a dork….
又给他们放了一段小video,看那台阶究竟有多高,又放了Notre-dame de Paris 和Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat作比较,看东方和西方的建筑是如何作用于人的心理和服务于宗教的精神的。

外面雪纷纷扬扬的下着,我喝着热茶,盖着羽绒服在TA office里小睡。

PS.  那个挑刺的孩子下课过来,三言两语,他聪明,我通人情,事情解决,两个人都笑的眼睛弯弯:we are cool, right? Good! 事情就这样单纯的没了。


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  1. XIAONING说道:

    OMG, 你太彪悍了,啥时候来给我普及一下艺术基本常识,嘿嘿~~


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