手里的 The Fountainhead 讲的是一个22岁的建筑系学生被学校thrown out,成为个modern architect 的故事。据说是本超级经典建筑史建筑师耳熟能详或喜欢或憎恨的一本小书。Chapter1对于此时此刻的我来说,有种隐约的巧合。
第一周结束,此学期学的东西,一半有关War和Death,注定painful。日语突然变的难以理解。而Architecture Theory & History 是我一定会拼命的课,因为陌生而喜欢的缘故。我其实心里在考虑退掉老板的课改成旁听,但确是没那个胆量。
昨夜看了Pushing Daisies,奇异,美好,很有Emilie 的风格,喜欢~

1st Week, Part 1, when Roark talks about the Parthenon,

"The famos flutings on the famous columns– what are they there for?  To hide the joints in wood– when columns were made of wood, only these aren’t, they’re marble.  The triglyphs, what they?  Wood. Wooden beams, the way they had to be laid when people began to build wooden shacks.  Your Greeks took marble and they made copies of their wooden structures out of it, because others had done it that way.  Then your masters of the Renaissance came along and made copies in plaster of copies in marble of copies in wood.  Now here we are, making copies in steel and concrete of copies in plaster of copies in marble of copies in wood.  Why?"         The Fountainhead, P. 23-24.


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    我觉得你是被MA折腾的太疲惫了…… 其实结果往往比我们想像的要好很多。对了,你的生日是几号啊?我有个小礼物会寄给你。:)

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