The thank you card

Some times, we received some unexpected help from unexpected people.
May be some sentences or words, and "bong!" The shackle is unlocked, and the miserable life is saved. It is a miracle. The people who offered this help did not realized. When we realized the great-unconscious help, what we should do? Running to them and shouting thank you very much? Or thank God for the invisible angle? My respond is to write a thank-you card. Although the person who receives the card will be confused, because the same words may not work for anyone else, the words sounded meaningless and may be they don’t know what exactly they have said. It doesn’t matter. May be it is the fate, at the right time, right place, just a knock on the door, and the door is open, no matter who knocks. The end of today, I learn the updated meaning of the words: tolerance.

About GloriaYuYANG

art historian, writer


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